Is Truth Relative?


Is truth an individual thing? Does "truth" lie in the eye of the beholder? Is the truth different to the grocery store cashier than it is to the bank president?

According to Webster's definition, there is a plural to truth. Every country that engages in warfare claims some justification in the interests of truth. But the plural of truth doesn't necessarily suggest a paradox of conflicting thought as much as it does the confirmation of the existence of truth to many subjects.

The cashier and the bank president my have different economic realities to deal with, and how they view the world around them may reflect those realities, but that doesn't alter the fact that both try to maintain fidelity to their idea of an original or standard.

The truth this web page seeks out is an absolute one. Mankind's desire to maintain a fidelity to an original standard has sparked the debate between God and evolution for millennia. Our society is formulated around a group of truths proclaimed by our founding fathers and set forth in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  

It is our challenge to seek out a clearer understanding and fuller meaning of those truths and encourage adherence to them in order to maintain the integrity of our society. 

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