Truth and the Mind


The mind is the light for a heart that cannot see

 (Gordon Lightfoot, The Soul is the Rock).

"Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious… As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being (Carl Jung, Swiss Psychologist).

The sea is the space

That the Rock has displaced

The mind is a stranger

That the soul has embraced.                   (Gordon Lightfoot, The Soul is the Rock).

I can tell you all I know, the where to go, the what to do.

You can try and run but you can't hide from what's inside of you Steely Dan.

When we speak of the human mind, we refer to the human conscious, or that part of the mind that harbors the awareness of one's own self-behavior. The bible calls it your "inward being".It's your self-conscious. It is the  part of you that you sometimes try and hide the truth from, and it leaves you with the feeling of not quite being content with yourself. 

Self-consciousness is what separates humanity from the rest of life on this planet. It's a non-physical attribute that transcends scientific understanding.

There is a great competition for your mind that creates confusion and  pulls it in a thousand different directions. Your mind is not only where you inward being works, but it's also you decision making center, and you are constantly bombarded with information that you must sort through and process. This overabundance of unsorted data blends fact and fiction on issues you are called on to judge and discern. Your inward being tells you to search deeper, to find and discover the truth.     

Everyone wants to capture  your mind. People spend millions trying to perfect the techniques  used to influence every sense that reaches your brain.

Your mind can be trained, but the way you receive data affects your ability to process it and assimilate it. In our societal and governmental sections you will learn that our information revolution has brought to light a richness and fullness of data to process, but our media presents it in a manner that substitutes superficial handling instead of in depth assessment, and our school systems spend more time indoctrinating children into their conceptions of truth rather than providing the tools necessary to find it themselves.   

Conditioning is everything. This fruit found in Asia, the durian, stinks like a sewer to Westerners but is considered a sweet-smelling delicacy by Asians.

Learning the truth about issues requires retraining your mind to overcome deep-set conditionings and identifying the various filters that shade and discolor truth. It requires the ability to identify when one's emotions are being manipulated to hide facets or aspects of the truth that might interfere with a manipulators course of action.

The Good news is that you can train your mind yourself. The education begins with recognizing techniques and filters used to trick your mind. In one experiment a group of 8 college students were asked if two straight lines were equal in length. They obviously were not. All but one in the group had been told to give the wrong answer. The one left out of the loop almost always changed his opinion to agree with the rest of the group. Even though our own minds tell us otherwise, we go along with the crowd, even when we know its wrong!

Are these two pencils the same length? You might have said "yes" if all your friends did!

In training your brain, the "key" is to pick out the important information of a topic from all of the impertinent material. This is why reading is superior to other forms of information processing. When you read, you can stop in a middle of a sentence, pick out a word, look up it's meaning, and then continue. You can find other sources of information and compare them. You have the choice to spend as much time screening as you want before you move to the next topic.

Radio and Television offer no such alternatives (except by recording and relaying, an expensive process). On the radio you get the day's news in short bursts, fragmented and superficial, with commercial messages intermixed. The even increase the volume of the commercials to alert your senses that those messages are the important ones. They also electronically eliminate dead time between voices in order to maximize time, thus giving your brain less time to process the information you do receive.

How do you train your brain? READ! The news headlines below give hints. One article states that cab drives have enlarged brains in the area associated with navigation, which allows them to find all the obscure areas of London from memory. The importance is to train your brain through practice to think in critical areas. Television, and the way our society is presented to us through our media are major challenges to effective mind training.