Societal Truth

The discovery of what is true and the practice of that which is good are the two most important objects of philosophy.             Voltaire

What is truth to a society? What is a society? Webster's dictionary defines society as, 1) The totality of human interrelationships, and 2) A given human group distinguished by participation in characteristic economic and political relationships and a common culture.

SO what about the "TRUTH" as it applies to a common culture? The last 150 years of America's history is one of coming to grips with our cultural identity. Our first identity  was one of white males and virtuous values. Slowly, women gained greater prominence. Racial minorities have been added to the definition. Smokers have gone from receiving high reverence in our society to becoming social outcasts. Puritan values have given way to promiscuous ones. So we define our cultural identity by those personal behaviors we deem acceptable and unacceptable, and by the racial make-up of our population. What is truth as it relates to the totality of human interrelationships? Isn't "societal truth" that set of things that we as a group all believe in and revere as right, correct and good for us as a group? Things like honesty and integrity.

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