Why are we Here?


All the world's a stage, And all men and women merely players.

William Shakespeare "As You Like It"

Sometime in your life you're going to start asking questions like, "Why am I here? What purpose do I serve? Where am I headed?  What should be my goal in life?" Intelligent beings want to know the answers to these questions. Material accumulations, while joyful, provide mostly short-term satisfaction. Job position and performance are subject to huge outside influences and place enormous demands on your time and attention. Children grow independent and sometimes even rebellious, and you wonder if your purpose in life is to be a limousine service or a human automated teller machine. Managers face endless struggles.Rush hour traffic gets worse. What's the purpose? WHAT IS YOUR LIFE?

Are we just an endless proceession of evolved apes who experience a fleeting life and the vanish into nothingness?

If you are an evolutionist, then your basic belief is that you are here by accident, chance, and happenstance. A bunch of molecules congealed in a swampy soup and here we are today! The only rules we have to follow are the ones set forth by the government to assure calm and order. When you die, that's it. You're gone! You're out of here and whoever has the most toys wins! Right? In essence, you're bug food.

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,

Life is but an empty dream!

Longfellow                         Psalm of Life

There is one advantage to the evolutionist's way of thought. If we are all here by accident, then we have no higher authority, other than ourselves, to answer to. It's survival of the fittest. No conscience is needed.

Those who believe in God, on the other hand, recognize a higher authority, and ask themselves, and their creator, the purpose of their existence. We have found a couple of references in the bible as to why we exist. Revelation 4:11 tell us "for thy pleasure they were and are created." Other places show that God created us for companionship (Exodus 6:7 and Revelation 21:3) and for his glory.

It makes sense that we are put here for God's pleasure. God tells us we were created in his image (Genesis 1:26) and don't we just LOVE to be entertained? Don't most Americans spend hours sitting in front of the television?

Who are the highest paid people in our society? Our educators? Our leaders? Those who provide our food? No. Our society places its highest premium on our entertainers. The highest paid professions in the U.S. are actors and sports stars!

If we're here for God's pleasure, then we want you to know that our goal here at Truthmasters is to live a life that's pleasing to him. He tells us how to do that in his story – the Bible. He promises great reward to those who seek his companionship and follow his way. In doing so, we contribute to his glory and gain the comfort and courage of his companionship.

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On Beyond Death

"Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious… As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being (Carl Jung, Swiss Psychologist).