Social Security

Our television, radio and newspapers serve as the bridge between the government and the governed. Their credibility is based on impartiality and a reliability for accuracy. An unusual and mutually beneficial relationship exists between the two groups.   

There are two sides to every coin, and there are actually two sides to our government. One is the image side. We show off our strength, our patriotism, and the superiority of our legal system. Our leaders, through our media, report to us on the condition of our country and share warnings and concerns about our nation's economic health.

The other side is the business end of the government. It's where the deals get cut, the laws get made and the rules get bent. Social Security is a program where the "official line" conflicts with the dealings of the business side, and those clashing results show up in the newspapers.      

Review the headline barrage below. It covers a course of three years from 1998 through year 2000. Notice most of them speak of the need to "save" social security, and many repeat the mantra that "social security just isn't going to be there" in the future.  Those are the claims of the officials who present themselves to us through the media.

In March of year 2000, Congress acted to INCREASE benefits to seniors, and reduce the tax burden on social security recipients. In July the house passed legislation to drop the social security tax on people with higher incomes. This is in direct conflict the continuous bombardment of warnings we were constantly fed. What goes?

Check out these headlines:  

Rocky Mountain News  1/13/98

Rocky Mountain News 7/12/98

Rocky Mountain News 7/16/98

RMN 7/16/98

"But as President Clinton tries to figure out just how to save the federal retirement program.......                                        Denver Rocky Mountin News  11/13/98

Associated Press 12/98


Parties Discord on Social Security getting old (Denver Post 3/28/99)

Denver Post

Denver Post 12/3/99

Don't believe I'm taken in

By the stories that I've heard.

I just read the daily news

And swear by every word.

"The time is now - not later - to save social security,..."

Steely Dan

Denver Post 3/16/00 & 3/23/00.

Denver Post 7/28/00

These articles reveal that we get fed a steady diet of concern about the solvency of our retirement system, followed by special reductions on the taxes that feed it!

What could this mean? Is there a problem with the system or not? Is this steady drone of fear some strange propoganda conditioning process? Wasn't it Hitler who said that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth? Is it some scare tactic to prevent the populace from placing pressure on our politicians to reduce social security taxes?  

It's understandable that all these headlines, when spread regularly into the minds of readers along with hundreds of simultaneous messages, would reinforce the message that "social security won't be there anymore" or "needs to be saved."

This is the Business side of your government at work. Understanding it's inner workings is critical to understanding what this confusing world around us is all about.We'll unravel both the business and images sides of government on these pages as we try and remove the filters that skew the information we receive.